4 thoughts on “Pedagogy….”

  1. Interesting post, Lyndsey. I think we tend to only use the term pedagogy at higher level studies whereas other countries use it to describe an education training. In Sweden when asked what their background was most adults in various child centred settings (from preschools to hospitals) said ‘pedagogy’.
    Best of luck with the studies.

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    1. Thanks Kierna, It’s strange that we don’t use this term more throughout settings inthe U.K as I think it makes you question and reflect deeper on your own practice.


  2. Nice article. I think the term pedagogy should be used more throughout teaching from early years to higher education and it should form the base of regular discussions within schools and settings. I do however disagree with one point (that play experiences should be well planned) I personally think play should always be spontaneous xxx

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    1. Hi thanks for your comment, I agree that play should be spontaneous, I meant more that experiences should be well thought out to enable the children to be challanged from previous observation to take their learning in that aspect further. But that the experience should be flexible so that the child is always determining their interest.


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